Durable evolution

Hegid is a French Maison that invented EVOL, a dressing complication for mechanical watchmaking, in order to propose the most durable watches ever made. Hegid believes that Watchmaking needs a different, creative, playful, and sensible consumption. The world is changing and, with Hegid, watches are evolving.

Designed in France from the best materials, with reliable Swiss mechanics which has already been proved by major watchmaking Maisons, Hegid watches are made to last for generations. They can also be easily transformed, in a few seconds, to adapt to desires and situations. The high requirements in production, the mastery of the know-how, and the independence of the brand allow Hegid to offer watches with endless potential, of exceptional quality, and at a competitive price.

A mechanical watch is one of the only objects in the world that has no planned obsolescence. As the result of substantial technical achievements and now as a very personal symbol, a timepiece partly defines the identity of its wearer. Yet, over the course of life, expectations change, fashions come and go, and the watch can tire. It is human. Hegid's commitment is then to make Watchmaking evolve. Respecting the watchmaking tradition in which a watch is transmitted from generation to generation, Hegid innovates by removing the only regret that we can have with the watch icons: their design, made to remain the same in time.

Hegid watches are composed of three elements made by renowned artisans :

  • the capsule, the heart of the watch containing its precise mechanical movement, which, once purchased, will accompany the wearer for decades ;
  • the carrure, the body of the watch which can give a sporty as well as a dressed shape ;
  • the strap, the dress of the watch which is the stylistic or practical touch.

Hegid introduces several new models per year, bridging the gap between the rigor of watchmaking and the freedom of creativity. The most diverse inspirations follow one another in the brand's creations which are released at the rhythm of the seasons. Hegid elements are then a ready-made idea for a gift, and each new component multiplies the number of possible combinations. The more time passes, the more the catalog of the brand will be rich, and the more each Hegid will become unique.

Initiated in 2015 by Henrick Gauche, a professional watchmaking enthusiast, the Maison was first noticed at Baselworld, then by the media, before being selected by prestigious boutiques. Thanks to its faithful partners and customers, Hegid is growing every day.

Hegid's signature is Make your Evolution.

Hegid's Savoir-Faire

Hegid watches are made by renowned craftsmen, mainly in France, and marginally in Switzerland. In addition to being evolutionary, the brand's timepieces are designed to be truly worn on a daily basis, which requires them to demonstrate extreme solidity, superior precision and refined aesthetics. Hegid watches are made to last, and are committed to respecting the environment. They are designed to be easily repairable by professional watchmakers, and most of their components are recyclable.

All Hegid capsules feature a durable, repairable and, most importantly, high-quality Swiss automatic mechanical movement regulated beyond industry standards. The Maison's watch movements are delivered with an accuracy of 0 to +5 seconds, while the COSC's famous "chronometer" certification is -4 to +6 seconds.

Hegid's patented EVOL system, which allows you to safely change the style or function of your watch in seconds, is based on these two parts. The 3-pronged Grade 5 Titanium ring rotates slightly around the body of the 316L Steel capsule, locking it into position with a "click". A metal spring provides compression to ensure solidity and comfortable wear. The Hegid-patented system's design and advanced materials ensure that it can be used on a daily basis for decades without fading.

Because of their versatile properties, Hegid watches meet the specifications of a professional watch. The brand's capsules resist common shocks, are waterproof to depths of over 100 meters and resist a pressure of 10 bars. Hegid watches are ultra-polyvalent thanks to multiple shock-absorbing systems, a screw-down crown, a screw-down tube and a screw-down caseback.

Hegid pays particular attention to the details of its timepieces. Hegid's infinitely fine hands are available in a variety of finishes and materials, with or without Super Luminova for glow-in-the-dark readability. In all cases, Hegid watches indicate time with great precision, both to the eye and to the microscope.

To be able to read the time at a glance on your watch, it has to be perfectly legible. Hegid strives to use optimized textures, colors, volumes and contrasts for its dials, hands and indexes. In addition, the glass of the watch plays a key role in its readability. Hegid capsules are all equipped with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystals on both faces (the dial and the case back), for ultimate strength and clarity.

Besides daytime clarity, Hegid watches are also designed to be easy to read at night. Super-LumiNova pigments are manually applied to the dials, hands and indexes of the Maison's various models. These pigments work like light accumulators, charging up with daylight and then releasing it in the dark.

Hegid watches are also characterized by the meticulous finish of their dials, the true face of the timepiece. Each dial, associated with hands and indexes, is carefully designed and crafted with specialized skills to give each model its own unique character. The combination of different materials and colors, the use of multiple decoration techniques, and the particular attention given to finishes ensure that Hegid timepieces have dials that are both aesthetically pleasing and clearly legible.

Hegid watch carrures are real French-made steel shields. They offer comfort when worn, protect the capsules and therefore the movements of Hegid timepieces, but at Hegid, they also serve to dress the watch. Thanks to the EVOL technical system developed by the brand, each carrure is interchangeable, so a capsule can be dressed in seconds in a variety of cases offering different styles and functions. For this reason, the carrure models are plural. From classic to futuristic or sporty, the Hegid watch takes on a new skin to suit its wearer's desires.

Hegid manufactures, assembles and finishes its timepieces in France, in expert, human-scale workshops. The materials used to craft Hegid timepieces are all hypoallergenic, comfortable, durable, and their finishes are consistently top-notch. The Maison offers unique polishing and material treatments for outstanding visual appearance. Grade 5 Titanium is used in the EVOL ring, European-standard DIN 1.4441 316L Steel is used in the capsules and carrures, while Ceramics and Aluminum are used in the bezel inserts. Hegid makes very little use of gold or diamonds in its creations, and always ensures the ethical sourcing of its materials. Most of the metals used by Hegid are the result of recycling and are themselves recyclable.

Hegid pays particular attention to its straps, which are the final, always interchangeable, touch on the Maison's timepieces. Hegid rubber straps are made in Italy from natural rubber, are hypoallergenic, do not irritate the skin, and are slightly scented with vanilla. Their buckles are made of 316L Steel, also hypoallergenic. These straps are pleasant to wear, suitable for aquatic use, and have optimal mechanical properties that make them resistant to deformation and heat.

A number of Hegid's interchangeable straps are made from leather. Handmade in artisan workshops in France, they offer unique finishes, superior wearing comfort and optimal durability. Hegid strives to ensure responsible sourcing of the raw materials used to manufacture its straps, working only with partners who meet the most demanding environmental standards.