Mirage Noire
Mirage Pearl Grey
Mirage Noire
Mirage Noire



A racy watch, tribute to the end of the 60s, between the continuation of the Dolce Vita and the expression of new aspirations, inspired by a transalpin supercar, the Lamborghini Miura.

EVOL® System
Evolutive watchmaking

Hegid mechanical watches are exceptionally qualitative, composed of Capsules, Carrures and Bracelets, and have the power to change their appearance according to desires and needs. In a few seconds and without tools, the timepiece transforms with ease and freedom thanks to the EVOL dressing complication patented by Hegid.

Make a happy one

To celebrate you or a loved one, Hegid suggests you a selection of gifts that last.

Configure your Hegid

Choose your capsule, your carrure and your bracelet.

Watchmaking coffret wardrobe

Choose between the 7-element Royaume coffret with 9 possible watch combinations and the 9-element Empire coffret which will give you a choice of 16 watchmaking scenarios.
Laboratoire Darwin


Laboratoire Darwin

The very idea of Evolution is at the heart of the Hegid Maison. A watch that pays tribute to the father of the theory of Evolution, inspired by his campaigns of exploration.

Magazine Evolution
The Artisans of Change

EVOLUTION is the online magazine designed and produced by our teams to express and share the values and inspirational domains of the Hegid Maison.

Made in France

Apart from the Swiss movements which are sourced from a factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, most of the watches creation and manufacture steps are processed by cutting-edge French craftsmen, between Paris and Besançon.
Vision Noire
Vision Eclipse


Série Noire

Dare to flirt with the dark side by succumbing to the dark Vision Noire or Vision Eclipse.



Temps Libre

Hegid presents its coloring book for kids and adults. This is an excellent opportunity to take your time in a playful and creative way.