Inaugural Series



Inaugural Series


Secure transaction

You can buy your items online in a secure way. Bank transactions are secured according to the PCI DSS payment card industry security standard.

Secure shipping

You can buy your items online and have them delivered free of charge at the location of your choice thanks to secure transportation.

Return and refund

If you change your mind, you have 14 days from the date of delivery to return your items to be refunded your purchase.

Hegid warranty

Hegid watches are guaranteed for a period of 24 months. Also, if you pass a quick test of watchmaking knowledge, this warranty could be extended.


Hegid is the first brick of an independent French company whose foundations were laid in 2015.

Now, it aggregates the talents that are necessary for its development: watchmakers, commercials, designers, artists and engineers.

Here are the founders : Henrick Gauche, Grégory Gauche et Emeric Delalandre.

A unique distribution in the world

Hegid wants right away to go beyond the strict framework of the horlogical product to extend its innovative vision to the distribution of its creations. An online sales tool for physical retailers complements the brand's innovation, a world first, confidential for the moment.

A new watch in 10 seconds

If Hegid's interest is to be able to customize his watch according to the fashions and seasons, it is necessary that this operation can be done alone, as desired, why not several times a day.

All personalization operations can be performed alone, without tools, without qualification and without the assistance of a watchmaker.

Hegid Boutique

8, rue Volney
Paris, France

Lun - Sam, 10h00 - 19h00

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