The idea of this watch was born from a mirage, a pure fantasy, the nostalgic dream of a happy era. At the end of the 1960s, between the continuation of the Dolce Vita and the expression of new aspirations, a boundless appetite for freedom was leading to a promising future. This mirage took the form of a romantic ride on an elegant and racy transalpine supercar, more specifically a Lamborghini Miura. With the lyrical soundtrack of its powerful twelve-cylinder V-engine, the speedster gently rolls along the sinuous mountainside roads of the Italian and then French Riviera, from Portofino to Saint-Tropez. In addition to the thrill of speed, there are improvised stops on the wild creeks for a picnic or a swim... This sun-drenched representation set the atmosphere into which the new Hegid Mirage watch was intended to fit. The bold lines of the Italian cars at the genesis of ' Wedge Design ' inspired the aerodynamic curves of the Mirage watch. Its design features a retro-futuristic balance in the blend of rounded corners and the frank lines of the chamfer surrounding it.

The Mirage Carrure, the resistant body of the watch, wears a sharp octagonal silhouette in steel. The sobriety of the brushed up satin finish on its surface matches perfectly with the polished metal of the crown and the other metallic details of the Mirage Capsule. This Carrure assembles naturally with the other Capsules of the Maison from both mechanical and aesthetical considerations. Its aerodynamic curves and its robust bezel which is flush with the sapphire glass offer a Coupé profile to this slender watch. Propelled at high speed, attached to the arm that steers the vehicle, while the other hand shifts gears, the Mirage Carrure takes a breath of fresh air and its multiple facets interact with the sun's rays.

Its Carrure is made in France. Its body and bezel are 316L steel, surgical grade.

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: 316L Steel, satin-brushed finished 
  • Diameter: 39.6 mm
  • Thickness: 11 mm with capsule
  • Lug: 22 mm
  • Horn-to-horn: 45,2 mm

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