At Hegid, Horlogerie obsesses us.

Ten years of work and pleasure in contact with watches and those who live them. Fashions, trends, classics, wonderful watchmaking heritage.

From manufactures to workshops, from stores to Salons, magnifying glass on eye.

Every detail, every experience nourishes the genesis of Hegid.

Evolution drives us.

Quality watchmaking is obsolete only by style. Hegid has invented a simple and robust mechanism allowing to separate the function of the form, in seconds.

For a watch to be eternal without wearying.

In a day or a lifetime, to have the power to transform our watch according to our desires.

To make it evolving in our own image, at our own pace.

Globalness brings us together.

Defining borders, a style and stick to it. Hegid chooses not to choose.

In essence, it has no style since it gives everyone the power to define its own.

Hegid is global, it belongs to all.

Identity distinguishes us.

Traditionally, we appropriate the identity of a product, of a brand, of values cleverly insinuated.

Identity is proper to each, what we wear should adapt to us, not the reverse.

Hegid empowers us to compose our watches, from ever more numerous elements, available separately.

To build a own horological identity, and let the future generation the material to create in its turn.

Difference liberates us.

Hegid feeds its creativity with stories and legends, adapts them, makes them evolve.

In the image of these self-made personalities, these federating inventions.

Hegid does not reflect an affiliation or an influence, but a willingness to proudly affirm our difference.

Do you have questions, suggestions ? Do not hesitate. Contact Hegid or request a callback.