The media talk about Hegid

"Depending on his mood, everyone can [...] compose the watch of his wish and complete it later with new modules."

"Hegid stands for several watches in one. A concept that will appeal all modern men, urban but not only. Those who have many lives in one, easily moving from work to leisure, from an office to a gym, from an apartment to a country house."

"The concept is simple and consists of a 'dressing complication' : A central waterproof capsule containing a self-winding mechanical movement and a traditional time display can be easily locked in different-shaped case carrures [...] to completely change the style, look, and even the function of the watch."

"We have struggled for decades in the watchmaking industry to find an answer to this insoluble puzzle: selling an object which will exceed the customers in longevity, while still enjoying them as much, despite the passage of the seasons and trends. The watchmaking icons, the real ones, have the merit of going beyond fashion. [...] Hegid proposes to rebuild the very foundations of the sociology of the wrist. It opens a new breach in a world of watchmaking in full expansion."

""Remember this name: Hegid is an emerging brand, strongly French (although rich in Swiss elements which guarantee a real quality), particularly well thought-out in each subject areas (design, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, communication) and focussed on an interesting anti-patrimonial concept: the evolutionary watch. The watch we create and recreate to infinity."

"In recent years, two major trends have emerged in the world of luxury, and more specifically in high-end watchmaking... Personalization on the one hand and the customization of the other. With each time an ultimate goal: to appropriate the object and make it even more unique."

" Hegid. The young manufacture pushes the concept of personalization to its maximum. Purpose of the operation: to respond to the desire of customers to have their own timepiece, according to their mood of the day. Decryption of an innovative concept that could be quickly rewarding."

"More than a new watch brand, which will specialize in seductive universes to attract the newcomer, Hegid is a new way to wear and collect a watch that can adapt to the universe and the life events of its wearer. Everyone has the freedom to make his watch evolve and pass it on to future generations. Hegid is a watchmaking maison that we will follow very closely."

"Expertly crafted. A synonym of creativity and functional individuality. Always trying to inject new ideas into horology Hegid mechanical watches are among the most creative and reliable ever created."

"Hegid, inventor of the evolutionary watchmaking, has developed and patented an exceptionally qualitative mechanical watchmaking, which has the power to visually change according to the desires and needs, in order to never get bored."

"The idea to have multiple watches in one, and to be able to dramatically alter the appearance of your watch in less than one minute, and for a fraction of the price of buying an entirely new watch, is interesting and has potential."

"You have probably already seen or heard of Hegid somewhere. A brand that brings an innovation and its lot of patents. The possibility of changing the case in record speed, thus opening the field of possibilities."

"These times are all about modularity. Young brands rely on customization to make French watchmaking stylish again. [...] With a diving flair, the [...] Hegid have a [...] system to change the carrures and a Swiss automatic movement."

"'We are a fashion brand, but we don't make fashion watches.' [...] The three associate did not burn the steps: they spent more than two years to develop the technique."

"The future will tell if Hegid [...] revolutionizes the market. In any case, the nonconformist trio who decided to launch it does not lack enthusiasm and its project already has the merit of renewing a dynamic in a Franche-Comté where watchmaking is recovering. [...] The movement is relaunched."

"More than just a watchmaking brand, Hegid is a watchmaking concept. And what a concept! Imagine a modular watch according to your desires, your mood or your outfit, changeable without tools, in ten seconds. [...] Maybe one day too, Hegid watches will join the list of these models that have changed the course of watchmaking."

"When buying a timepiece, it is always difficult to find this special jewel that suits us and that will suit us perfectly in any situation. [...] Hegid decides that this time is over and that it is necessary for each collector, who is unique, that his timepiece has to be unique too. [...] Hegid is quite promising and it is up to you to make Hegid innove it to grow."

"French watchmaking continues to surprise us and renew itself with new brands offering eclectic styles. [...] In a day or over the course of a lifetime, Hegid brings the watch closer to its owner who becomes its architect and builds it."

"Hegid innovates with the evolving and modular watch, which the customer tries in store but can only order on the Internet. The store is commissioned on the sales as well as on the accessories of the model, not present in shop."

"Over time, Hegid owners can constitute a watchmaking wardrobe by acquiring capsules, carrures and bracelets that are interchangeable. Without sacrificing the timeless magic expected of mechanical timepiece, Hegid proposes creative watchmaking experiences on a daily basis."

"The young French Maison bets on a singular concept to allow amateurs, connoisseurs or not, to dress their watch as they want. An idea that sounds clever at this time."

"Does that mean that you are dressing the watches?"- Raphaëlle Duchemin. "Exactly, we are dressing the watches and we invented a quick fastening system that allows us to do it in a few seconds, just like we get dressed in the morning." - Henrick Gauché

"Carbon black is de rigueur and continues to wreak havoc. From the dial to the details of the bracelet ... It is the fashion obsession that has been pacing the watchmaking tempo since the beginning of 2019. [...] Ultimate step? Succumb to this hypnotic monochrome and black magic."

"A few months ago when the young French brand Hegid presented its first models, I could not help but express frustration. [...] only one carrure was available [..]. At this end of the year, Hegid's offer takes a whole different dimension. Finally, we can really play and transform our watch."

"Hegid watches are designed to last, but thought to evolve, element by element, according to the desire of their owners. A owner with a complete watch, who receivve a carrure as a gift, and then acquires a 3rd bracelet, has six styles of watches for the maximum price of 1.25 watches. Over time, it is a real watchmaking dressing."

"The Hegid Inaugural Series is inspired by a classic in watchmaking: the rotating bezel watch. There is the robustness of a toolwatch, which, dressed with a leather strap, know also how to be elegant."

"Hegid is joining the watchmaking maisons' inner circle by launching a sports watch in two limited series. The originality of its concept ? A modular timepiece."

"Near the place Vendôme, the French brand Hegid offers evolutionary timepieces. [...] This is just a beginning: the capsule is already designed to adapt [...] in the near future. Each owner will have a unique piece of watch."

"The Hegid maison [...] has really moved the horology world's traditions forward. The high-end brand provides a complication that, for once, is outside the watch"

"Hegid is a relatively new brand that comes from France. The beauty of its offering is that you don’t just buy a watch, you buy a watch wardrobe. You choose a capsule (this includes the dial, movement and inner case) that slips inside a choice of case shapes along with a large selection of straps, so you can celebrate World Chocolate Day with this brown timepiece, photographed here, and then create something completely different for work on Monday."

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