New Generation Watchmaking

Time will not stop as long as we know how to evolve. The world is changing and, with Hegid, watches are evolving.

Through its creations, the brand seeks to regularly nurture the creative minds of the artisans of change. Hegid believes that it is time to free the watch from its statutory signification and to give it the role of partner for life. By offering the possibility of transforming your watch to always be in tune with the present moment, the creators invite everyone to imagine, build and evolve more regularly.


Creative minds

Originality is an opportunity to stand out. The most diverse inspirations follow one another in the brand's creations which are released at the rhythm of the fashion seasons. Everyone can create and dress their watch as they desire.
In fact, Hegid was born from creative encounters. Henrick Gauché started in watchmaking by mixing several watches to create one which was more his style. Then, he decided to create the watchmaking of his dreams, the one that did not exist, the one that could evolve as he wished. In his adventure, he surrounded himself with free spirits such as Jerôme Coste, who now handle all artistic creations of the brand. He has notably distinguished himself through collaborations between the mechanical worlds and prestigious brands in the past. Let’s change our watch, it is our connexion to time.


Sensible innovation

Evol, the system patented by Hegid, allows you to make your watch evolve as you wish.
The personnalisation operation is intuitively articulated from a central capsule. In a few seconds, this watchmaking heart get dressed with stylish carrures, and then comfort bracelets, which attach to it. This invention is in the air. All in finesse, it solves the problem of these watch lovers so far forced to choose between several watches and afraid of making a wrong long-term choice.


Sustainable evolution

In watchmaking, it is time to become aware of the world surrounding us and make choices that respect our environment. Replacing for new is not always the best solution, sometimes it is appropriate to adapt what exists to make it relevant at the present time. It is no longer needed to buy a new watch with Hegid, a new accessory is sufficient.


Local craftsmanship

From the design to the production of its models, Hegid made the choice of a local ecosystem from its beginnings. It was a heart choice and, above all, a common-sense choice motivated by the role model of France in the luxury sector.
Apart from the Swiss movements which are sourced from a factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, most of the watches creation and manufacture steps are processed by cutting-edge craftsmen who cooperate closely on the native land. Between Paris and Besançon, Hegid well deserves the Made in France signature as 80% of the value of the watches is French.


Watchmaking probably does not need a new brand or a new complication, but it definitely needs a different, creative, playful and sensible consumption. Hegid's signature is Make your Evolution.