Evolution, respecting traditions

Watchmaking innovation

Hegid invented a dressing complication for the Mechanical Watchmaking.

Hegid watches are not only made to last generations but can also be easily transformed, in a few seconds, to suit our desires and needs. After acquiring a Hegid watch, everyone can upgrade it for the price of a birthday present. The Hegid elements are then perfect ideas, and each new element comes to multiply the number of possible combinations.

Luxury quality

Hegid watches are made from the best materials, with reliable mechanics and assembled by specialists, to last several generations. Between the French industrial precision and the Swiss movements, most of the manufacturing takes place in a radius of a few kilometers, between Besançon and La Chaux-de-Fonds, the world heart of Watchmaking.

The high-quality standards in production, the industrial collaboration, the reliability and independence of each collaborator of the brand allow Hegid to offer watches of exceptional grade at a competitive price.

Personal creativity

Innovation in watchmaking can not be improvised. Passionate about mechanics, the founders of the brand have worked in Watchmaking and Industry for more than 15 years. More than technique, it is a need for freedom and personal fulfillment that motivated the Hegid adventure.

Hegid is a creative experience across multiple generations. The brand's watches give the freedom to dress according to everyone's personal desires, and then offer the opportunity to go back in a few seconds. The power to change, to evolve, has finally its watchmaking translation.

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