Hegid se retire d'Aiôn Group SA

Hegid leaves Aiôn Group SA

Hegid leaves Aiôn Group SA

In 2022, Hegid financially supported the project of watchmaking reindustrialization in France led by Aiôn Group SA, and lent its name to the initiative as a partner brand. Today, Hegid is freeing itself from Aiôn and thus regaining its independence. Entrusted to support the brand in its development, the group has failed to meet its commitments.

Hegid, known for its innovative interchangeable timepieces that marry heritage watchmaking with the freedom to change of style on a daily basis, is retaking its own lead to ensure that the company can rely on solid partners and disposes of all the necessary means for its growth. 

Henrick Gauché, co-founder and CEO of Hegid, said: "Hegid exists because of its evolutionary mechanical watches, but also because of the values the company believes in: profound respect for the horological ecosystem, responsible manufacturing, sincerity in the relationships with others. We are proud of these values, and we intend to share them with a growing community, with no compromises. To meet this demand, we were looking to develop and accepted last year to join the Aiôn Group which presented an industrial and capitalistic potential capable of taking our brand to a new strategic level. Today, this structure proves not to be able to meet the intended objectives , which is why we are leaving it. This experience reinforced us, our team is more than ever united and conquering. It is time now to move forward faster and with respect to our founding principles. We have audacious products to unveil soon, and many projects for the future. We remain convinced that the French watch industry has great potential that will be revealed in the coming years. 

To pursue its long-term growth plan, Hegid can rely on its historical associates and is not excluding the possibility of working with new partners able to support the brand effectively. 



Hegid is a French Maison which invented EVOL, a dressing complication for mechanical watchmaking. Designed from the best materials, with reliable mechanics, Hegid watches are made to last for generations. They can also be easily transformed, in just a few seconds, to adapt to needs and desires. After purchasing a Hegid watch, anyone can make it evolve with a new carrure, a new capsule or a new strap. The master craftsmanship and the independence of the brand, allow Hegid to offer exceptionally qualitative watches at a competitive price. At a time when our flexibility to adapt is required, the Hegid Maison responds: "Make your Evolution".



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