Hegid is the first brick of an independent French company whose foundations were laid in 2015.

Now, it aggregates the talents that are necessary for its development: watchmakers, commercials, designers, artists and engineers.

Here are the founders :

  • Henrick Gauche

At the origin of the project: Henrick Gauché. Coming from a Norman sibling and very close to his little brother who is only 18 months younger, he displayed a pronounced early artistic fiber. He began drawing and expressed the wish to conduct art studies. The parental wishes prevailed on his first aspiration and oriented him towards a more traditional path. Henrick enrolled in a geography course in the university where he immediately met a cartoonist. His passion for drawing came back, the university was laid aside. He began to sculpture, theater, piano and, at age 20, he met his wife with whom he has three children today.

His first professional experience immersed him directly in the world of luxury. He entered through the small door at Vuitton, literally: Henrick was the doorman of the Maison making the fame of France. His diplomacy to drive and serve visitors from around the world with an extraordinary tact made him noticed by his direction. Therefore, his ascenscion was engaged, he stayed eight years.

His passion for art not leaving him, he realized in his free time books for children, while pursuing his musical path by developing his own home studio. The microcosm of Deauville in which he was evolving noticed him for another of his passions: watchmaking.

During a training seminar, he had the opportunity to visit a manufacture in Switzerland. It was a revelation for him: he began to avidly read dedicated forums and books, to become passionate about the history of brands and the watchmaking technology.

He was spotted and poached by a prestigious retailer, Godechot Pauliet, in Deauville. He became the watchmaking expert. His mechanical erudition led him, for the same reason, to ensure the development of the Parisian address, a challenge he faced with renowned partner brands: Rolex, Omega, Tudor, among many others.

He stayed there four years, before, in April 2017, stopping to become more than an actor, a watch creator: Hegid. 

  • Gregory Gauche

Grégory is Henrick's younger brother, his "complementary", in his own words.

This man is manual and reveals very early an innate talent for construction, micro-technique.
He has always loved the contact and the work of materials, the mastery of gesture and of precision. He is one of those for whom understanding is essential, for whom the constant technological evolution that pushes the creative limits is stimulating.

Passionated about woodworking in his youth, it is finally in the plastics industry that he moved and devoted seven years of study, then he specialized in 3D design. He joined the design offices of major automotive subcontractors. There, he took a role in the conception and development of large complex sets of parts, especially for the French brand Renault.

Contaminated by the horological virus of his brother, he finds in watches a new material to master. Today, he dedicates his skills exclusively to Hegid's technical developments.

Grégory is for rigor, what his brother Henrick is for passion, he chases microns and models ideas to make them real. 

  • Emeric Delalandre

Emeric is the commercial brain of the team.

He did school outside the box. At 16, he entered Maths Sup. He then studied at Iteem Ecole Centrale de Lille and became passionated about entrepreneurship. He then joined the French Diplomacy, in charge of digital activities and tourism. He was in New York during the attacks in France of 2015 and, at this occasion, understood the opportunity of the digital to conduct an external policy, to serve an interest.

From the fundamental technique, he shifted to the power of technology, to the digital engineering to inform, to gather, to federate. In 2016, he specialized in luxury marketing and obtained a diploma in an American university.

He met Henrick in 2013 during an internship, from a professional meeting is born a complicity that will change the course of his life. After being recruited by Apple at the end of his studies, he left the Californian giant to deploy his technological know-how for Hegid and its commercial potential.

As a connected utopian, the young man dreams of a world where marketing is at the service of the customer, definitely not a hunter chasing his prey. No matter the price of the items he sells, he wants the experience offered to be worth more. This is what he brings to Hegid: he does not sell a watch, but material for watchmaking artists.