A unique distribution in the world

A unique distribution in the world

Hegid wants right away to go beyond the strict framework of the horlogical product to extend its innovative vision to the distribution of its creations. An online sales tool for physical retailers complements the brand's innovation, a world first, confidential for the moment.

Hegid is going to inaugurate a unique distribution method: the brand can be seen, tried, tested in multiple representatives places, but can never be acquired in store. Each reprensentative will have demo timepieces, with all the variations of bracelets, carrures and capsules.

Customers will then be able, in store, to define their own object of desire, to subscribe to it, in order to receive it then, brand new and virgin of any try. Hegid will pursue the experience

of personalization to the wrist of each owner.

The customer will receive his piece directly from Hegid, without the representative being forced to immobilize products that it could not sell as truely intact.

This unprecedented distribution system allows retailers to eliminate the inventory and administrative management problems that have strongly penalized the watch industry in recent years.

Hegid is convinced that the experience and the service of physical professionals remain central, that the knowledge of each advisdor, a real added value of the physical retail, also remains essential in this technical purchase.

Hegid ensures in all cases, thanks to smart technologies serving the emotion, that the one who advised the purchaser is fairly rewarded for its influence benefiting both the customer and Hegid.