A new watch in 10 seconds

A new watch in 10 seconds

If Hegid's interest is to be able to customize his watch according to the fashions and seasons, it is necessary that this operation can be done alone, as desired, why not several times a day.

All personalization operations can be performed alone, without tools, without qualification and without the assistance of a watchmaker.

Hegid has decided to go even further: this promise to have a new watch, made to measure, must be achievable in 10 seconds maximum. This is the time needed to change the bracelet and the carrure of a Hegid watch.

The conceptors of the brand have patented a system for these changes to be made by an enjoyable manipulation, as simple as intuitive. With a sound, with a touch, with a look, it is possible to know if the changed elements are correctly positioned, restaging the emotional side of a watch, as an animated object, alive, with which a physical interaction occurs. By their engineering, the carrure protecting the capsule, housing itself the movement, Hegid watches are among the most reliable ever created.

The specifications are deliberately uncompromising to honor the promise of an evolutionary watch over the decades.

The fact that the aesthetic transformation of the watch can be fully realized in a few moments also opens the perspective of more frequent changes, more numerous, freed from the binding technical protocol, even expensive, and necessary watchmaker’s visit.

The watch recovers its personal and playful dimension.