A brand focused on the future

A brand focused on the future

Hegid is at the antithesis of the heritage brand, preserved identically through generations, frozen in time.

It is designed to offer many annual variations of its components. As a result, the more the time goes, the more the brand’s offers will be rich and at the same time, the more each Hegid will become unique.

In this sense, a collection of Hegid watches can only take an increasing value.

Hegid thus achieves a first in watchmaking: the more the brand grows, the more the probability of meeting twice the same model will be reduced. This is the previously impossible materialization of a watchmaking promise, repeatedly held: if each collector is unique as a person, his watch must also be unique.

In the case of a transmission or a cession, the transferee of a Hegid watch will inherit all the components collected by the first owner and may, in turn, add new ones, endlessly multiplying the creative horizons of its time capsule.