Hegid S.I, Act I of Hegid

Hegid S.I, Act I of Hegid

The Hegid S.I is the first collection of the brand, the inaugural imprint which lays the foundations.

It is inspired by the watchmaking classic of the 50s and 60s. There is the robustness of a toolwatch, along with the refined traits of a mastery that already have several centuries of stylistic heritage.

The Hegid S.I offers readability and bi-directional rotating bezel that allow to use it as desired as a chronoscope or countdown timer.

The Hegid S.I already presents two variations, two sisters drawn by brothers and partners.

One, dressed in black, features the industrial science. Steel, aluminum and carbon coexist therein. His eldest comes from an old cockpit and reminds those that equipped the allied pilots.

As machine watches, the two Hegid S.I models are thought to evolve. Whether their appearance evokes the past or the present, a culture or another, they are the first exclusive particles of watchmaking material that Heid proposes. Everyone is free to change his design, to write his own stories, right now: all elements of the S.I Neo and S.I Retro are interchangeable.