An Inaugurale Series of 90 pieces

An Inaugurale Series of 90 pieces

For its launch, an inaugural series of 90 pieces is proposed in subscription, with an unbeatable watchmaking offer, challenging a so far quite traditional competition.

This order system in very limited quantities will also help to shape the vision of the brand.
Hegid designed this inaugural collection as an open horizon : a limited series, an intrinsic quality at a very competitive price, consensual models that will allow in the future to discover a constantly evolving universe.

As a first series, it will personally associate the very first collectors to the evolution of the brand : their contribution will be immediately used in the production of the next models, for the next users.

The production of the Hegid Inaugural Series (S.I) was made possible by the founders of the brand and their associates, those women and men who are passionately involved since the ideation stage.

The company proudly claims the design and finishing of its watches with French know-hows, these talents historically precursors of freedom and guarantors of the French Art-de-vivre.

For Hegid, the stylistic and technical expertise of the luxury country comes with the quality of automatic movements from Switzerland, the watchmaking country.