Infinite creative horizons

Infinite creative horizons

The main idea with Hegid is the ability given to each owner to be able to choose the aesthetics of his watch himself. The role no longer belongs to the great designers, to the icons that we can no longer afford to even approach, to the frozen designs. Hegid opens the door to a watchmaking where everyone is the owner of his own universe, defined and assembled by himself.

It is the restoration of a deeply intimate and symbiotic relationship between a man and his watch.

To achieve this result, Hegid articulates itself around a time capsule. This waterproof watch head encloses the movement, protected by its case and its sapphire glass. This is the basic Hegid module, with always standard features but always exclusive finishes.

Beyond, Hegid offers a wide range of components to dress this capsule, which will itself be offered in different collections. The first of these components is the carrure. From its beginnings, Hegid offers two versions which revisit an iconic function of watchmaking history, the rotating bezel :

  • S.I Neo: black, polished, with a luminescent point at noon, 
  • S.I Retro: sandblasted, in natural aluminum.

Then comes the bracelet. Hegid already offers three versions : 

  • Black bull leather,
  • Brown distressed leather,
  • Black impeccable rubber.

These initial elements constitute the foundation of Hegid.

Then, the more the brand evolves, the more Hegid users there will be, the more limited collections of items will be available at an affordable price. There will be other capsules, other carrures, other bracelets, other interchangeable components.

Collecting to be unique, collecting to use, collecting without breaking the bank. Hegid is the only watch brand that provides increasing opportunities for models and creative variations around a single mechanical capsule.

These opportunities will be multiplied when the brand will offer other movements that are already the subject of preliminary studies. The capsule is already designed to fit different complications (date, power reserve, second time zone or other) that will be revealed in the future.