Hegid, a brand, a concept, an evolving watchmaking

Hegid, a brand, a concept, an evolving watchmaking

We are in the digital age.

This change of time, rather than endangering the mechanical timepiece as we know it, eventually tends to strengthen its status, its purpose, its power of fascination. In a time when everything is dematerialized, many wish to own a watch whose quality of the mechanism guarantees that it can be transmitted from generation to generation.

However, even if the machine is not obsolete, style follows the cycle of trends and desires.
The idea of a trusted mechanical watch that can be dressed in different ways is the foundation of Hegid.

However, it is not only a simple change of bracelet but the belief in the reconciliation of quality with diversity, without fatality or weariness. This is where most watch brands stop today. This is where Hegid begins.

The French brand has created, entirely independently, a timepiece that stands out by innovating differently, by rethinking the use of a watch. The idea is simple : possessing a unique time capsule (case, movement, dial, hands, crown and glass) while all other style elements are interchangeable, starting with the carrure and the bracelet. Without knowledge or any tool.

Another major difference with the watchmaking traditions: when established brands rely on the timeless nature of their creations, Hegid relies entirely on the opposite, the temporality of its timepieces. It consists in a personal, intimate, artwork that adapts to his owner, to his life, to the present moment.

There is behind Hegid the idea that everyone is an actor of his style and of his watch, which constitutes one of the major pillars. Fashion changes, mechanics remain, the watch continually adapts.