​From a passion was born an obsession.

​From a passion was born an obsession.

From a passion was born an obsession.

Just a few years ago, I was ordering cheap Russian watches on the Internet, each with this little something that I liked, an atypical detail. With this collection of watches that I was disassembling with all the imprudence of a self-taught watchmaker, I managed to constitute my own one, authentic and functional, a watch that looked like me and that I could still and at any time change an element to fit a period of my life.

When its course turned to watchmaking, when I became a professional, this idea of a reliable mechanics that could be dressed as desired has resurfaced. Thus was born Hegid. Thus was born the desire to benefit from a noble mechanics that would give the freedom to be dressed according to our mood, to evolve over time.

A simple idea? In other areas, yes, especially in fashion. If we dress every day differently, it is because we adapt our outfit according to our state of mind, to the season, to the image that we want to project. It had to be the same in watchmaking.
An evolutionary watchmaking, global although sense of identity, different.

This is the case today.

This unconventional vision of a watch for a lifetime has become a reality. It is a family and heart affair that we are proud to present the first developments.