Hegid is the first brick of an independent French company whose foundations were laid in 2015.

Now, it aggregates the talents that are necessary for its development: watchmakers, commercials, designers, artists and engineers.

Here are the founders : Henrick Gauche, Grégory Gauche et Emeric Delalandre.

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A unique distribution in the world

Hegid wants right away to go beyond the strict framework of the horlogical product to extend its innovative vision to the distribution of its creations. An online sales tool for physical retailers complements the brand's innovation, a world first, confidential for the moment.

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A new watch in 10 seconds

If Hegid's interest is to be able to customize his watch according to the fashions and seasons, it is necessary that this operation can be done alone, as desired, why not several times a day.

All personalization operations can be performed alone, without tools, without qualification and without the assistance of a watchmaker.

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A brand focused on the future

Hegid is at the antithesis of the heritage brand, preserved identically through generations, frozen in time.

It is designed to offer many annual variations of its components. As a result, the more the time goes, the more the brand’s offers will be rich and at the same time, the more each Hegid will become unique.

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Hegid S.I, Act I of Hegid

The Hegid S.I is the first collection of the brand, the inaugural imprint which lays the foundations.

It is inspired by the watchmaking classic of the 50s and 60s. There is the robustness of a toolwatch, along with the refined traits of a mastery that already have several centuries of stylistic heritage.

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An Inaugurale Series of 90 pieces

For its launch, an inaugural series of 90 pieces is proposed in subscription, with an unbeatable watchmaking offer, challenging a so far quite traditional competition.

This order system in very limited quantities will also help to shape the vision of the brand.
Hegid designed this inaugural collection as an open horizon

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Infinite creative horizons

The main idea with Hegid is the ability given to each owner to be able to choose the aesthetics of his watch himself. The role no longer belongs to the great designers, to the icons that we can no longer afford to even approach, to the frozen designs. Hegid opens the door to a watchmaking where everyone is the owner of his own universe, defined and assembled by himself. 

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Hegid, a brand, a concept, an evolving watchmaking

We are in the digital age. This change of time, rather than endangering the mechanical timepiece as we know it, eventually tends to strengthen its status, its purpose, its power of fascination. In a time when everything is dematerialized, many wish to own a watch whose quality of the mechanism guarantees that it can be transmitted from generation to generation. 

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​From a passion was born an obsession.

Just a few years ago, I was ordering cheap Russian watches on the Internet, each with this little something that I liked, an atypical detail. With this collection of watches that I was disassembling with all the imprudence of a self-taught watchmaker, I managed to constitute my own one, authentic and functional, a watch that looked like me and that I could still and at any time change an element to fit a period of my life.

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