At Baselworld, Hegid makes Watchmaking evolve

At Baselworld, Hegid makes Watchmaking evolve

Hegid, new French Evolving Watchmaking, unveils itself for the first time at Baselworld, the leading worldwide Watchmaking Salon. Beyond its patented evolutionary innovation, the brand is presenting its new elements, with progressive affirmed values. 

These functional elements, results of the inedit dressing complication of Hegid, make the mechanical watches of the brand evolve aesthetically for the affordable price of an accessory, without having to buy another prestige watch again, thus revealing the evolution potential of the patented invention. The brand with the unprecedented case complication can now be broken down into hundreds watch combinations. 

The arrival of Hegid is a key event in the world of Watchmaking since its revelation in the summer of 2018, after three years of development. It confirms the return of the automatic mechanical timepiece produced in France, and it disrupts habits, bringing the world of watchmaking closer to that of fashion, as no other brand has proposed before. World premiere, Hegid watches are indeed designed to last, but thought to evolve, element by element, according to the desire of their carriers. 

By offering a capsule optimized to be reliable in the long term, embodying a specially prepared Swiss movement, and by allowing the user to dress it with external carrures, as much clothes as armors, Hegid allows to configure the watches to the tastes of each one, then to transform them on a daily basis, according to the desires, without any tools. 

Until now, Hegid was two high quality capsules, the so-called S.I Neo and S.I Retro, which convinced the professionals and enthusiasts for their excellent finishes and the potential of their modularity with the firsts accessories of the collections on the brand’s catalog. Five carrures and seven bracelets of different shapes, inspirations and colors, were available since late 2019. Now, with their watchmaking credibility, the evolutivity and progressist aspirations of Hegid are revealed globally. Three elements, one concept-carrure and two new bracelets, will illustrate the innovative potential of Hegid for the coming months. 

Customers can discover the patented complication, configure themselves the first possibilities of exclusive Hegid’s combinations, and acquire them now at the authorized Hegid’s representatives, or directly on 

The watchmaking catalog of Hegid is now composed of sixteen elements, all compatible. 

  • Two capsules :

- Serie Inaugurale Neo : limited to 60 copies, black dial, 2400 € 
- Serie Inaugurale Retro : limited to 30 copies, brown dial, 2400 € 

  • Five carrures :
- Vision Officieuse : round aluminum bezel, 300 € 
- Vision Officielle : round black bezel, 300 € 
- Laboratoire Clandestin : fine polished steel, 250 € 
- Expedition Sauvage : squared satin polished steel, 350 € 
- Expedition Furtive : squared black DLC steel, 400 € 

  • Nine bracelets :

- Legende Black Bull, 100 € 
- Legende Black Aligator, 200 €

- Legende Taupe Ostrich, 150 €

- Pilote Rallye Chocolate Calf , 80€

- Pilote Rallye Camel Calf , 80€

- Courage Glazed Brown Buffalo, 100€

- Courage Black Rubber, Offered in addition for the purchase of a complete watch

- Legende Squama® Black, 240 €

- Legende Squama® Blue Luminova®, 300 €

With Hegid, a customer with a complete watch, who is offered a carrure, then acquires a 3rd bracelet, has 6 styles of watches for the maximum price of 1.25 watches. Over time, this builds a real watchmaking dressing. 



Hegid Capsule Carrure Bracelet


The idea of a trusted mechanical watch that can be dressed in different ways is the foundation of Hegid. The French brand has created a timepiece that stands out by innovating differently, by rethinking the use of a watch. The idea is simple : possessing a unique qualitative time capsule (case, movement, dial, hands, crown and glass) while all other style elements are interchangeable, starting with the carrure and the bracelet. 

The Inaugural Series Capsules are equipped with Swiss Made automatic mechanical movements tested beyond the standards of watchmaking, with a power reserve of approximately 40 hours for an uninterrupted wrist-worn. They are 100 meters depth waterproof thanks to their screwed crowns, tubes and case backs. For an optimal dial and movement visibility, their glasses are made of anti-scratch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, letting their users contemplate the embossed shapes with luminescent hands and indexes. Their secret lie in their quick and easy patented titanium Capslock fasteners allowing to transform the watch in just a few seconds. Unique, their serial numbers are engraved to ensure the authenticity of each piece. 


The main idea with Hegid is the ability given to each owner to be able to choose the aesthetics of his watch himself. The role no longer belongs to the great designers, Hegid opens the door to a watchmaking where everyone is the owner of his own universe, defined and assembled by himself. Every collection is inspired. 


  • Vision Collection

There are departure points, crossing points, objectives, that need to have an eye on. The aviators of yesteryear knew that seconds, minutes, pass differently in a concentrated head and a well-regulated watch. They were the first to place a mobile marker on their timepieces. This marker has become a valuable tool to all professionals who have too much work to watch their hands advance. The Vision is a third eye, it monitors for us thetime spent and allows us to move forward with confidence towards our important goals. 

Hegid Vision


  • Laboratoire Collection

There was a time synonymous with elegance, the world was accelerating with the always more rythmic music. Voyous, bankers were showing themselves in suits that became the standards of the modern good taste. In the meantime, watches were competing in accuracy in observatories, and their art deco lines became a sacred elegance. Hegid's Laboratoire Clandestin is its heiress. Fashion reinterprets again and again a universal classicism. It is now our turn to arrange it. 

Hegid Laboratoire


  • Expedition Collection

From the Rallye raids to the Californian suburbs, the modern knights drive steel fortresses, they push
their mounts to the feasible limits, sometimes a little further.These powerful, protective machines have inspired the drawings of many children and the dreams of many adults.The Exploration carrure is inspired by these legendary all-terrain vehicles. Only difference: this Sauvage or Furtive block of steel goes everywhere, even under the sleeves of shirts. 

Hegid Expedition



To accompany the evolution of a Hegid timepiece, the brand has developed a bespoke case. It is not just made to protect the watch during its delivery: like the piece itself, it is intended to go along with the life of its owner. The wooden box comes with the watch chosen at the acquisition and already includes hidden spaces thought to receive other watches, capsules, carrures and bracelets. It is therefore not a passive box but an evolving watch box capable of containing a large number of combinations of the same piece. 



If Hegid's interest is to be able to customize his watch, it is necessary that this operation can be done alone, as desired, why not several times a day. All personalization operations can be performed in just a few seconds. This is the time needed to change the bracelet and the carrure of a Hegid watch, by an enjoyable manipulation, as simple as intuitive. The fact that the aesthetic transformation of the watch can be fully realized in a few moments opens opportunities : 

Ecrin Hegid

Presse Contact :

Emeric Delalandre,, +33 6 88 62 63 39.


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