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Hegid develops online

Hegid develops online

In osmosis with its mantra "Make your Evolution", the hegid.com website is evolving in design, functionalities and content. Jerôme Coste, the artistic director of the Hegid Maison, has imagined a multifaceted experience for the new online flagship store with the watch configurator, the Hall of Curiosities and the EVOLUTION magazine.


Online boutique

The new hegid.com platform now offers the opportunity to buy a mechanical watch from home. Watch enthusiasts from all over the world can select their objects of desire from the existing collections, or create their own ones thanks to the new online configurator. They can also acquire coffrets, new accessories, or objects of Curiosities. Hegid implements cutting-edge e-commerce services to better satisfy its customers in their discovery journeys: new content, secure international delivery, in-store appointments and pick-ups, free returns if the products are not satisfactory, live personalized chat support, multiple secure payment solutions with installments at no charge. 



Hegid is a young watchmaking Maison with a passion for the evolutions that arise from the discussion between the worlds of art and exceptional craftsmanship. Jerôme Coste has chosen to share the values and sources of inspiration of Hegid through an online magazine named with the keyword of its unique system: EVOLUTION. This magazine focuses on Artisans of Change, the visionary talent pool of the artistic avant-garde, the new master craftsmen, and the disruptive entrepreneurs exploring new virtuous models. 

In tune with the quest for meaning of our era, Hegid wishes to highlight these personalities who, through their life choices, vision and creativity, offer surprising and inspiring perspectives. The content of the magazine will be regularly updated with new talents who are making their discipline evolve. The first portraits of Artisans of Change can be discovered in the new EVOLUTION section of the hegid.com website. 


Hall of Curiosities

It is also with the intention of sharing its culture and especially its passion for art, high savoir-faire and rare crafts, that Hegid gives access to its Hall of Curiosities. A curious venue where aesthetics, excellence and innovation predominate, but also alterity, rarity and discrepancy. The brand therefore offers an eclectic selection of unique or limited-edition products. Extra-horological in-house productions, precious objects gathered through adventures, artworks, special editions resulting from internal or collaborative artistic reflections, will be presented through inspirations and gatherings, and will only be available in the CURIOSITIES section of the hegid.com website. Hegid offers to each Artisan met for the EVOLUTION magazine the possibility to bring an object to the Curiosities Hall, the entire revenue from which will be donated to the cause of their choice. One of the first contributions is a 31-carat dendritic quartz stone, specially cut by Samuel Huguenin, which will benefit, according to his wishes, to the Restos du Coeur. 


For those who do not have access to the physical experience of a Hegid watch using all five of their senses and the assistance of a professional advisor, there is now a high quality digital destination that offers a complete Hegid experience right up to the wrist. Some enthusiasts will enjoy discovering the very best of the Artisans of Change, others will explore the timepieces and their unique EVOL system, and "connoisseurs" will enjoy to decode Hegid's objects of Curiosities. Rendez-vous on hegid.com.


About Hegid

Hegid is a young French company which invented a dressing complication for mechanical watchmaking. Designed from the best materials, with reliable mechanics which has already been proved by major watchmaking Maisons, Hegid watches are made to last for generations. They can also be easily transformed, in a few seconds, to adapt to desires and situations. After purchasing a Hegid watch, anyone can upgrade it with a new carrure, a new capsule or a new bracelet. Created under the guidance of the brand's artistic director, Jerôme Coste, Hegid elements are then a ready-made idea for a gift, and each new element multiplies the number of possible combinations. If every collector is unique as a person, his watch must also be unique. Between the French precision industry and the Swiss movements, most of the manufacturing takes place within a few kilometers, between Besançon and La Chaux-de-Fonds, the world heart of Watchmaking. The requirement in production, the mastery of know-how and the independence of the brand allow Hegid to offer watches of exceptional quality at a competitive price. At a time when our flexibility to adapt is required, the Hegid Maison responds: "Make your Evolution". Make your Evolution, whether in the head or on the wrist. 


Further informations

You can download all Hegid's images here and find further information on hegid.com.

Press contacts : Elsa Salmon and Guillaume Salmon, press@hegid.com.