Hegid présente ses premières créations extra-horlogères - Hegid

Hegid presents its first extra-horological creations

Hegid presents its first extra-horological creations

Hegid, the specialist of evolutive watchmaking, is diversifying and is also extending its style through extra-horological accessories. Developed by Jerôme Coste, the new artistic director of the brand, this first Hegid collection of Objects of Curiosities will regularly be expanded to include of the creations from the Maison.



The NU bracelet is a leather jewellery bracelet inspired by traditional watch straps. Hegid highlights a sub-element of watches. This new interpretation celebrates the key role he played in the history of watchmaking, by metamorphosing the pocket watch into the attaching timepiece we know today. The NU bracelet is therefore a sophisticated and simple leather styling accessory, both masculine and feminine, with a width of 20 mm, that can be fastened around the wrist using the classical Hegid steel pin buckle. Made in France by exceptional craftsmen, the NU bracelet is available in black or chocolate smooth calf leather embossed with the Hegid monogram, according to the finishes of the Hegid Mission watch bracelet model. 



The BRIN keyring is a practical everyday object made of leather inspired by the strands that compose the watch straps. The slender silhouette of this accessory will make it convenient to hold your keys at the bottom of pockets and bags.
The BRIN keyring is composed of a circular steel buckle with a diameter of 36 mm and a thick strand of smooth leather measuring 90 mm long, 20 mm wide and 4 mm thick. Produced in the same artisan manufacture as the NU bracelets, the BRIN keyring is also available in black or chocolate tone, embossed with the Hegid monogram, according to the finishes of the Hegid Mission watch strap model. 


From left to right: NU Bracelet NU Mission Black, BRIN Keyring Mission Black, Hegid watch.


NU bracelets, BRIN key rings and all other Objets of Curiosities, are available in the CURIOSITIES section of the new hegid.com online flagship store.

Hegid watches, capsules, bezels, watch straps and watch cases are available in the COLLECTION section of the site and in the boutiques of the brand's official retailers.



Hegid is a young French company which invented a dressing complication for mechanical watchmaking. Designed from the best materials, with reliable mechanics which has already been proved by major watchmaking Maisons, Hegid watches are made to last for generations. They can also be easily transformed, in a few seconds, to adapt to desires and situations. After purchasing a Hegid watch, anyone can upgrade it with a new carrure, a new capsule or a new bracelet. Created under the guidance of the brand's artistic director, Jerôme Coste, Hegid elements are then a ready-made idea for a gift, and each new element multiplies the number of possible combinations. If every collector is unique as a person, his watch must also be unique. Between the French precision industry and the Swiss movements, most of the manufacturing takes place within a few kilometers, between Besançon and La Chaux-de-Fonds, the world heart of Watchmaking. The requirement in production, the mastery of know-how and the independence of the brand allow Hegid to offer watches of exceptional quality at a competitive price. 

At a time when our flexibility to adapt is required, the Hegid Maison responds: "Make your Evolution". Make your Evolution, whether in the head or on the wrist. 



You can download all Hegid images here and find further information on hegid.com.

Press contacts : Elsa Salmon and Guillaume Salmon, press@hegid.com.