Cresus se lance dans les montres neuves avec Hegid - Hegid

Cresus enters the first-hand watch market with Hegid

Cresus enters the first-hand watch market with Hegid

The French second-hand watchmaking leader enters the new-watch market with Hegid.

The Hegid Maison joins forces with Cresus, and becomes one of the first new watch brands distributed by the French second-hand watchmaking expert. For the occasion, Hegid unveils an exclusive blue model of its latest Mirage watch, available for its launch exclusively in the 7 Cresus boutiques and on their e-commerce website.
For almost 30 years, Cresus has been offering its thousands of customers the finest timepieces from the most prestigious manufactures. Quite logically, the group decided to expand its offer of collector's watches with a selection of new timepieces from today's hottest brands, which will become tomorrow's must-haves. Hegid, with its originality, its dressing complication and its creativity, is one of these brands.
Since its very beginnings, Hegid has always chosen to establish itself in distinctive locations to meet with customers who love exceptional products and unique experiences.

Maximilien Urso, CEO of Cresus :
« The market for luxury pre-owned watches is booming. Cresus has been able to see its evolution over the past 27 years, both in its boutiques and on its website. Our customers are looking for meaningfulness, exclusivity and the values that a second-hand watch can bring. They entrust us to select them the very best timekeepers and then to advise them in their purchases. This is why we decided to go further in sharing our passion by offering them a selection of new watches from carefully chosen brands. What seduced us in Hegid are their values, their expertise and their audacity. It is a French brand that is able to create highly sophisticated timepieces made of durable materials. We are delighted to introduce to our customers the evolutionary watches of Hegid and to be the first to introduce this blue Mirage. »

Henrick Gauché, CEO of Hegid :
« With Cresus, Hegid is pursuing its development with a passionate partner that is renowned for its expertise in horology. We now have the opportunity to present our collections in strategic places including Lyon and Bordeaux via their website. Our two Maisons share this desire to be pioneers in the sector and our collaboration, which may seem surprising, was nevertheless a self-evident choice. Hegid has invented timeless watches with the power to evolve every day, and Cresus is constantly evolving its lineup to keep pace with the expectations of tomorrow's consumers, who may be willing to discover the exclusive livery of the Mirage. »
Blue Mirage :
Blue Mirage Capsule (Only available at Cresus for 1 month),




With 7 stores in France (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Cannes, Aix en Provence) and an e-commerce website with more than one million page views per month, Cresus has become in 27 years a major player in the pre-owned watch and jewelry industry. It is the passion of its 40 employees as well as its workshop composed of 5 watchmakers, in which each watch sold at Cresus is authenticated and serviced, that have made its reputation. More than 1200 products from around 50 brands, selected by experts, are present in Cresus boutiques and on



Hegid is a young French company which invented a dressing complication for mechanical watchmaking. Designed from the best materials, with reliable mechanics which has already been proved by major watchmaking Maisons, Hegid watches are made to last for generations. They can also be easily transformed, in a few seconds, to adapt to desires and situations. After purchasing a Hegid watch, anyone can upgrade it with a new carrure, a new capsule or a new bracelet. Created under the guidance of the brand's artistic director, Jerôme Coste, Hegid elements are then a ready-made idea for a gift, and each new element multiplies the number of possible combinations. If every collector is unique as a person, his watch must also be unique. Between the French precision industry and the Swiss movements, most of the manufacturing takes place within a few kilometers, between Besançon and La Chaux-de-Fonds, the world heart of Watchmaking. The requirement in production, the mastery of know-how and the independence of the brand allow Hegid to offer watches of exceptional quality at a competitive price. At a time when our flexibility to adapt is required, the Hegid Maison responds: "Make your Evolution". Make your Evolution, whether in the head or on the wrist.



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