Hegid makes watchmaking evolve

Hegid makes watchmaking evolve

A mechanical watch is one of the only objects in the world that has no planned obsolescence. Result of substantial technical achievements and now a genuine personal symbol, a watch partly defines the identity of its wearer. Yet, over the course of his life, his wearer evolves, his expectations change, fashions come and go, and the watch wearies; it's human. 

Even while technology tries to disrupt the watchmaking industry, a sincere will, proposed by French entrepreneurs, stands out: create the most durable watches ever manufactured. Hegid makes watchmaking evolve. 

Respecting the watchmaking tradition in which a watch is transmitted from generation to generation, Hegid innovates by removing the only regret that we can have with the watch icons: their design, made to remain the same in time. 

Hegid has developed an exceptionally qualitative mechanical watch, which has the power to visually change according to the desires and needs, in order to never get bored. At the scale of a day or a life, Hegid brings the watch closer to its owner who becomes the architect, the one who builds it.

In seconds and without any tools, the timepiece is transformed with ease and freedom, which results in possibilities previously unknown in watchmaking. Just try the patented invention, result of three years of development, to realize the opportunities it offers.

The watch is decomposed into three parts: 

  • the capsule, the heart of the watch containing its precise mechanical movement, which, once purchased, will accompany the wearer for decades ;
  • the carrure, the body of the watch which can give a sporty as well as a dressed shape ;
  • the bracelet, the dress of the watch which is the stylistic or practical touch. 

Hegid will release several series a year, connecting the rigor of watchmaking rigor to the freedom of fashion, today. The first collection of the brand comes in two versions, whose elements already allow 12 combinations. 

Série Inaugurale Hegid Element


Inaugural Series S.I :

The Inaugural Series is inspired by a classic in watchmaking: the rotating bezel watch. There is the robustness of a toolwatch, which, dressed with a leather strap, can also be elegant.

Inspired by a time when the world was facing, it could have been on the wrist of a pilot of the airmail. Explorer, the time it measures is the one that passes or stays. It is a tool, a symbol of a post-war romantic era when travelling was an adventure. 

  • S.I Neo : limited to 60 units, 2800 €

Dressed in black, it exhibits its industrial experience. Steel, aluminum and carbon cohabit proudly inside. With it, the adventurer seeks what does not exist yet. It is the partner of a spirit turned towards a future where, in the absence of an ancient temple, it is the science that holds the treasures to discover. 


Série Inaugurale Hegid S.I Neo Retro


Genesis :

Henrick Gauché is litterally a watchmaking enthusiast. After years of career serving the leading Swiss brands, his experiences in workshops, stores and factories convinced him to go for this wild dream: inventing the ideal watch. 

His brothers and him conceived a simple and trustworthy watchmaking, precisely prepared by know-how of excellence in order to transcend the ages. 

Hegid, inventor of evolutionary watchmaking, is the very antithesis of the typical heritage brand. The more time passes, the more the catalog of the brand will be rich and the more each Hegid will become unique. 

In this sense, a collection of Hegid watches can only appreciate in value over time. This is the previously impossible materialization of a watchmaking promise, repeatedly held: if each collector is unique as a person, his watch must also be unique. 


Fondateurs Hegid Henrick Gauche Gregory Emeric Delalandre


Press Contact :

Emeric Delalandre, emeric.delalandre@hegid.com, +33 6 88 62 63 39.


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