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Inaugural Series

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After years of work, Hegid, inventor of the evolutionary mechanical watchmaking, presents its very first collection: the rotating bezel watch, an essential classic and a high potential start for the Hegid adventure.

This Inaugural Series, inspired, robust and functional, comes in two models already interchangeable. With these two variations (consisting of three interchangeable elements), twelve watch combinations are configurable, in a few seconds, using Hegid's simple and fast patented system.

Hegid watches are expertly crafted from the finest materials. The design and assembly of the watches are made in France by partners selected for their watchmaking experience. For Hegid, every detail counts for a watch to last a lifetime.

The S.I collection is limited (90 units) and comes in two models:

  • Neo (60 units), black dial, rhodium hands and index
  • Retro (30 units), brown dial, rose gold hands and index

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Hegid.

  • Swiss Made automatic mechanical movements chosen for their robustness, adjusted and tested beyond the standards of watchmaking
  • Power reserve of approximately 40 hours for an uninterrupted wrist-worn
  • 100 meters depth waterproofness (crown, tube and screwed bottom), for a total waterproofness
  • Anti-scratch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal for optimal dial and movement visibility
  • Embossed dial with luminescent hands and indexes, an old handmade technique has been chosen for a optimal nocturnal use
  • Quick ans easy patented titanium "Capslock" fastener to transform the watch in just a few seconds
  • Unit serial number engraved to ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of each piece
  • 40 mm stainless steel case for comfort and elegance on the wrist
  • Bi-directional rotating bezel with graduated disc for rapid chronoscopic readings
  • Leather bracelets for comfort and elegance on the wrist
  • Offered natural rubber bracelet, for aquatic or sports use
  • Pin buckle, for an optimal wrist bracelet adjustment
  • "Flash" easy quick fastener, to transform the watch in just a few seconds
  • Wooden case with interior made of soft material, for maximum protection during transport
  • Evolutivity of the interior space, studied so that your watch and its futures can cohabit in a single box

These last three years, with my brother Grégory, we drew dozens of watches. Some classics of watchmaking design, some "machine" watches clad in plates and rivets, and also some collaborative artistic essays.

For the launch of Hegid, we could only get one out. So we had to choose. It was not easy, the advice flared: "Choose your most original design, so that people are immersed in the identity of your products" advised our artist friends.

Others, more realistics, said: "Launch a basic, be consensual, your brand is unknown, nobody will buy your mechanical crazyness !" or more "You have an entire catalog in computers! Contact big groups and sell them the brand. You will be rich !" said those who did not understand that Hegid is not just a product, but an adventure we want to live.

I suggested to Emeric and Grégory to travel in time 11 years back, at the time when, my 30 years approaching, I was reading the pages of catalogs where the watches of my dreams were.

Nothing original in my choices; the top 10 popular watches were there, plus some curiosities of creators, all financially inaccessible. Nevertheless, an idea dominated the selection. The one I had to choose a solid and I could not get tired, because I certainly would not have the opportunity to buy another before very long.

Also, crosses marked divers. Many brands made them for decades without really making them evolve, and the adventurous speeches that accompanied them left no doubt about their robustness. Do you think: a watch capable of going 300 meters deep could easily support my personal best (what is the depth of the Deauville pool?).

In the end, I had a chrono...

Finally, the following year, I was working in watchmaking and had access to all my dreams, including these famous diving watches.

Very few people use the bezel of their watches. Me though, being somewhat scattered, I needed temporal landmarks. So, my sterling glasses always reminded me of a beginning or an end.

When it came to choosing from our models, I made a narcissistic choice: the watchmaking Ideal of my beginnings, which I still love a lot today, like many collectors and enthusiasts.

His code name in our files was PRO, because inspired by the aviator watches and which were declined in the 50s in versions dedicated to dream professions: diver, pilot, engineer.

This choice was made months ago, we still drew other models that are ready to be produced today. But we do not regret to propose our Professional as Inaugural Series, because this kind of watch seems to us to be the ideal starting point for a collection.

Its dial has been reviewed dozens of times to have both the characteristics of a ultra readable watch, and to be compatible with any style of Carrures.

Just a slight mixture of relief, polished indexes and Luminova dots, placed by hand by humans.

In the end, we are happy with the result. A watch that just has the story that you want to give it. A drawing out of time which leaves it the greatest potential of evolution for the future.