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Hegid, inventor of the evolutionary mechanical watchmaking, presents the Vision Collection.

This watch, inspired, robust and functional, consisting of three interchangeable elements with the other accessories of the brand, has the potential to evolve using Hegid's simple and fast patented system.

There are departure points, crossing points, objectives, that need to have an eye on. The aviators of yesteryear knew that seconds, minutes, pass differently in a concentrated head and a well-regulated watch. They were the first to place a mobile marker on their timepieces. This marker has become a valuable tool to all professionals who have too much work to watch their hands advance. The Vision is a third eye, it monitors for us the time spent and allows us to move forward with confidence towards our important goals.


  • Vision Officieuse (brown dial)

Night flight, no instrument, no light for the sound of the engine to attract eyes to a past direction. In the cockpit, only a few rays of radium and this watch, whose eye indicates the point of no return.

  • Vision Officielle (black dial)

The Vision Officielle is the indispensable tool of the modern professional. Banker, engineer and scientists approve the use of its bi-directional luminous index bezel inherited from the heroes of military aviation. The twenty-first century is approaching, let us be visionaries, let us prepare the future.


Hegid watches are expertly crafted from the finest materials. The design and assembly of the watches are made in France by partners selected for their watchmaking experience. For Hegid, every detail counts for a watch to last a lifetime.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Hegid.


  • Swiss Made automatic mechanical movements chosen for their robustness, adjusted and tested beyond the standards of watchmaking
  • Power reserve of approximately 40 hours for an uninterrupted wrist-worn
  • 100 meters depth waterproofness (crown, tube and screwed bottom), for a total waterproofness
  • Anti-scratch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal for optimal dial and movement visibility
  • Embossed dial with luminescent hands and indexes, an old handmade technique has been chosen for a optimal nocturnal use
  • Quick ans easy patented titanium "Capslock" fastener to transform the watch in just a few seconds
  • Unit serial number engraved to ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of each piece

More details : Inaugural Series Capsule

  • 40 mm stainless steel case for comfort and elegance on the wrist
  • Bi-directional rotating bezel with graduated disc for rapid chronoscopic readings

More details : Vision Carrure

  • Leather bracelets for comfort and elegance on the wrist
  • Offered natural rubber bracelet, for aquatic or sports use
  • Pin buckle, for an optimal wrist bracelet adjustment. "Flash" easy quick fastener, to transform the watch in just a few seconds

More details : Legende Bracelet (Black Bull) and Courage Bracelet (Glazed Brown Buffalo and Black Rubber)

  • Wooden case with interior made of soft material, for maximum protection during transport
  • Evolutivity of the interior space, studied so that your watch and its futures can cohabit in a single box