Talent de Nature® Discovery Workshop by Magdaleine Pertusier

On the occasion of a portrait in the Hegid magazine "Evolution - The Artisans of Change", Madgaleine Pertusier propose une journée de participation à l'atelier découverte du programme Talents de Nature® qu'elle a développé.

All revenues collected from your purchase on this unique creation will be donated to the charity chosen by the artisan, the Kinomé association which aims to change the way we look at nature and put it back at the heart of a new economic and social development paradigm.

Program :

For adults in search of meaning, or project leaders, Magdaleine Pertusier invites you to put yourself in the shoes of an explorer...! (Re)discovering yourself and your talents.
The Talents de Nature® workshops put Magdaleine Pertusier's creative experience at your service to help you explore your own universe and reveal its strength and uniqueness through her favourite playgrounds: childhood, nature and images. The optimistic and organized teaching method allows to ultimately deliver you several possibilities to put your talents into action, in line with your values, in the service of yourself and the world around you.
We live today in a dense, hyper-connected society, always in a hurry that prevents us from listening to ourselves. Our lives have become complex and saturated with tasks and information, not allowing us a minute to breathe, and sometimes making us forget our purpose and the controls of our own rhythm.
It's time to take the time.
To simplify things.
To refocus and understand your real needs.
To prioritize them so that you can breathe again.
and access to a more serene daily life.
To reformulate desires, to write a new story.
In order to finally let your talent shine through,
your modus operandi
And your creativity.
We all have moments in life
when we're meeting with ourselves.

We are the heroes of our own story!


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