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Expedition Carrure

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From the Rallye raids to the Californian suburbs, the modern knights drive steel fortresses, they push their mounts to the feasible limits, sometimes a little further.

These powerful, protective machines have inspired the drawings of many children and the dreams of many adults.The Exploration carrure is inspired by these legendary all-terrain vehicles.

Only difference: this Sauvage or Furtive block of steel goes everywhere, even under the sleeves of shirts.

Its Carrure is made of 3 pieces of stainless hypoallergenic made in France 316L Steel.

Material: 316L Steel. DLC treatment (Furtive)
Thickness: 11 mm with capsule
Diameter: 42 mm, 46 mm bezel included
Lug: 22mm
Horn-to-horn: 49 mm