Configuration - EX7moyP3nAGM5I_bRX4bbf-7

Configuration - Capsule Mirage Noire (2 600)
Configuration - Carrure Mirage (400)
Configuration - Bracelet Legende Alligator (200)
Configuration - Extra (option)_0_3_1 Capsule Série Inaugurale Retro (2 400)
Configuration - Extra (option)_0_3_2 Capsule Mirage Perle (2 600)
Configuration - Extra (option)_0_3_3 Capsule Mirage Bleue (2 600)
Configuration - Extra (option)_0_3_4 Capsule Mirage Noire (2 600)
configId EX7moyP3nAGM5I_bRX4bbf-7

Secure delivery is offered by Hegid worldwide. The delivery time varies depending on the availability of products and the shipping address but traditionally consists in 2 to 7 days. All shipments are secure and customers have 14 days to return an order.

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Hegid makes the quality of its products a priority. All watches and watch components (capsules, carrures and bracelets) are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for a period of 24 to 48 months.

The minimum warranty for Hegid products is 24 months. This guarantee can be extended subject to passing the Hegid Watchmaking knowledge test and with the contribution of an authorized referent, a Hegid's exhibition point for example.

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