Hegid Laboratoire Darwin, Evolution Naturelle - Hegid

Hegid Laboratoire Darwin, Natural Evolution

Hegid, French Maison of Evolutive Watchmaking, is expanding its Laboratoire collection. The brand's classic line is now extended with a new version: after the Laboratoire Clandestin watch, here comes Laboratoire Nomade, inspired by nature and wildlife.

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Jerôme Coste joins Hegid as Artistic Director

Hegid has the privilege to announce the appointment of Jerôme Coste as Artistic Director of the Maison. He will be the head of creation and will directly take a role in the emergence of the brand in the luxury and watchmaking universes. 

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Hegid se développe en France - Hegid

Hegid se développe en France

Retrouvez désormais les montres évolutives de la Maison au Printemps Haussmann à Paris, au sein de la boutique de créateurs Jogging à Marseille et dans les concept-store horlogers Utinam à Besançon et Timekeeping à Caen.

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Hegid s'installe au Printemps Haussmann - Hegid

Hegid s'installe au Printemps Haussmann

Hegid s’installe au Printemps Haussmann, parmi les marques les plus prestigieuses du luxe. La jeune Maison Française d’Horlogerie Evolutive est honorée de vous accueillir dans ce monument chargé d’histoire, symbole mondial de l’élégance et de l’art de vivre à la française. 

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Hegid dresses Watchmaking

Hegid, Evolving Watchmaking, unveils for the first time in its history new carrures and bracelets. These elements make the mechanical watches of the brand evolve aesthetically for the affordable price of an accessory, without having to buy another prestige watch again, thus revealing the evolution potential of the patented invention. 

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Hegid makes watchmaking evolve

Hegid has designed an exceptionally qualitative mechanical watch, which has the power to visually change according to the desires and needs, in order to never get bored. At the scale of a day or a life, Hegid brings
the watch closer to its owner who becomes the architect, the one who builds it. In seconds and without any tools, the timepiece is transformed with ease and freedom, possibilities previously unknown in watchmaking. Just try the patented invention, result of three years of development, to realize the opportunitiesit offers. 

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